Campus Health/Health Insurance

Cardinal Station/Belknap Campus


Phone: 502- 852-6479

FREE Parking and access to a UofL shuttle stop

Print your temporary insurance card:

Student Services - Medical care, Travel medicine, Immunizations, Allergy injections, Free flu shots, etc.

All incoming Freshman are required to provide immunization records.

A hold will be placed on your account if you do not provide the records to the Student Insurance Office. Website:

Health Insurance Information and Questions

•Contact the student advocate at

•*Students can apply and request for University insurance to be waived*

International Student Health Insurance Requirement

All international students ("J" or "F" status) are required to maintain health insurance as a stipulation of their visa with US Citizenship and Immigration. These students are automatically billed for the university-sponsored student insurance program on their tuition bills.

International students with certain scholarships that provide health insurance will not be required to enroll in the U of L insurance program.  A list of these scholarships will be available at the start of the semester and before other short-term programs begin at the International Center.

Waivers MAY BE granted based on one of the 3 categories:

Category 1:  Home Country Provides US Insurance coverage

Category 2:  Fully Sponsored by US or Other organization which provides your health insurance

Category 3:  Coverage through a US plan provided as an employee benefit

For detailed requirements for each category view the International Waiver Requirements.

University Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan Information

Please visit the Academic HealthPlans website for more information about our current plan. For questions about insurance coverage or waivers, contact the insurance advocate via email at

Waiver Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 31st

Spring Semester: January 31st

No exceptions will be granted