Transfer - OUT Request Form

Instructions to the student:
If you plan to transfer from the University of Louisville to another institution in the US, you must notify the International Center of your intent to transfer.  We will then “release” your record electronically to the new school. Upon receipt of this form and an admittance letter from your new school, we will transfer your information, thereby granting the new school access to your record.

PLEASE NOTE: Your SEVIS record can only be transferred to ONE school even if you are applying to more than one institution. Make sure you have been admitted to the new school and have intent to study there before requesting the transfer. We are unable to retrieve access to your data once your record has been released.

Select your program level  

Have you graduated  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a graduate student and not completing your degree prior to leaving UofL and you are in residency or candidacy status, you must contact your academic department and Graduate School Office to inform them of your intent to leave the University of Louisville. This is very important in order to avoid any future automatic registration and unwarranted charges being placed on your account.