NURS 473: Community Leadership Practicum

Dr. Marianne Hutti

As a result of her work with Ideas to Action, Dr. Hutti has made enhancements to the School of Nursing’s Community Leadership Practicum to foster critical thinking and community engagement. All parts of the Paul-Elder framework are infused into the evaluation rubric [PDF] of the Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) Group Project [PDF], found in the course syllabus [PDF]. As the single CUE course in the unit, NURS 473 serves as a meaningful learning opportunity designed to enhance student learning that has taken place in the classroom. By sending students out into the community to conduct a service learning project, as well as present their findings in a poster session at the campus showcase event, Marianne Hutti and the School of Nursing are teaching students to authentically put their ideas into action. Dr. Hutti and her students were recently recognized for their outstanding work in the community by receiving the 2010 Community Engagement Award for Student Engagement.

We value the culminating experience as a way for our students to demonstrate what they have learned in the UofL nursing program through the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of nursing knowledge and skills to real life community-identified problems. It allows our students to give back to their community while using nursing knowledge and skills in authentic ways to help others.

— Marianne Hutti

Sample Student Posters From NURS 473

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