Theatre Arts 326: Cultural Diversity in Performance

Deana Thomas

Digital Assignment Description

Students will create and produce a video of 5 - 7 minutes, the subject of which will confront a controversial aspect of racism, discrimination or bias. This will include African Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic or Latino Americans.

Group # Student Project Title
1 Maya Infante
Rebekah Roberts
The Power Of Words
2 Billy Henderson
Ericka Bibb
Asian-Americans In Pop Culture & Media
3 Bianca Yates
Willie McBride
Single Fathers & Dead-Beat Dads
4 Ashley Wuerdeman
Josh Cruz
Should Past Literature Be Edited?
5 Kayla Horne
Ashley Blair
Do Interracial Couples = Progression?
6 Jacqueline McKenney
Anita Dillard
Modern Racism
7 Leigh Nieves
Deanna Gillipsie
Interracial Dating
8 Dwayne Dix
Janice Morton
9/11: Then & Now
9 Nick Potter
Amos Dreisbach
Gay Bullying & Its Effects
10 Lauren Camargo
Blair Boyd
Discrimination Within The LGBT Community
11 Hannah Pruit
Meredith Johnson
Jessi Eichberger
The Bias Of Gay Marriage
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