Social Work 322: Issues in Policy & Service Delivery - Enoch

Carl Enoch

Digital Assignment Description

Student groups will create a 10 - 15 minute documentary or public service announcement that analyzes a social problem, its potential solutions, and offers a rationale and preliminary recommendations for changes in current social welfare programs or policies. Students are expected to reference appropriate required readings including relevant sections of Jansson's six-step policy advocacy process, and outside sources in each section.

Group # Students Project Title
1 Keneysha Rodney
Christina Louisignau
Kyle Pitzer
Jesse Kolb
2 Jennifer Murphy
Ashley Niemeier
Kelsie Smithson
Nicole Moody
Corine Rice
3 Arlo Stewart
Tamiera Mahlon
Sonja Stang
Susan Gephart
4 Leslie Graeter
Sukoya McClellan
Donna Russell
Natalie Wagner
Child Welfare
5 Henry Lucas
Maria Taormina
Montrise Wilson
Sheila Otten
Amirage Saling
Sonia Brown
David Tarullo
Re-Entry Of The Formerly Incarcerated
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