Psychology 201: Honors Introduction to Psychology

Melinda Leonard

Digital Assignment Description

Students in groups of 3-4 members each and assigned to develop and explore an ISSUE which pertains to a psychological concept from their textbook (i.e., learning, memory, problem solving (cognition), language (cognition), motivation, emotions, and psychological disorders).

Group # Students Project Title
1 Emily Danielson
Adam Engel
Alyssa Evans
Don't Stress It! (Ways To Reduce Stress)
2 Garrett Shields
Annie Swift
Kelsey Vaal
You Snooze, You Lose (How To Choose What Time To Set Your Alarm)
3 Meredith Jones
Pascale Moise
Brittany Willoughby
Alcoholism In College Students
4 Ryan Miles
Justin Jatczak
Rachel Stottmann
Exam Prep (How To Prepare For An Examination)
5 Abeer Sikder
Kelsey Koopman
Kelsey Ross
Perceptions & Propoganda
6 Danielle Hall
Katie Collier
Alexis Wade
Memory Strategies (Ways To Improve Memory)
7 Drew Thomas
Sara Pardue
Deepa Patel
Branka Damjanovic
The MAJOR Decision (Choosing An Academic Major)
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