Philosophy 211: Critical Thinking

Brian Barnes

Digital Assignment Description

Student must use overt aspects of the Paul-Elder Critical Thinking Framework as central to an original critical thinking investigation of the paranormal. Students will assess claims of the paranormal by direct reference to logical fallacies, bullshit, bias, poor reasoning, and lack of evidence. Students must demonstrate at least two critical thinking approaches to their investigation, and each group member must appear in the film participating in the investigation experience.

Group # Students Project Title
1 Ryan Russell
Kaleb Faulkner
Jaden Peacock
Hell's Gate: Investigation of Bobby Mackey's Music World
2 Jennifer Hasch Critically Thinking About Paranormal Activity...Or The Lack Thereof
3 Kayla Johnson
Megan Kozlowski
Waverly Hills: Paranormal Playground Or Not?
4 Matt Kelley
Sean Farris
Lanie Merkle
A Walk In The Dark
5 Joshua Stark
Brian Hampton
Waverly Hills: Critical Investigation
6 Chanise Shepherd
Tiffany Torian
Lady G. On The Scene
7 Kasey Kays
Ariel Kelley
Stephanie Marino
Let's Play
8 Airadjna King
Eric Voet
Matt Ireland
Ghost Hunt: The Aftermath
9 Samuel Zaccone
Octavia Philliphs
Spirits Of Sleepy Hollow
10 James Ray
Justin Collins
Anthony Fontenot
Ghost Cats In Bardstown?
11 Taylor Horsey
Cory Hay
Little Timmy
12 Aaron Flannery
Jane Hoerter
Claire Taxes
Colgate Ghost Project
13 Gina Shelton
Kayla Adkins
Children Of Waverly
14 Derek Wunderlich
Stephanie Goldbach
James Edwards
Nothing Scary
15 Sarah Spiller
Elizabeth Rolf
Do You Believe?
16 Megan Russman
Amber Campbell
Sarah Allen
We Filmed Room 502 At Waverly Hills
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