Math 301: Calculus III, Multivariable Calculus

Lee Gibson

Digital Assignment Description

Students will produce a multimedia presentation of a geometric understanding of a function which related to the real world. They make use of the Element of Thought to scrutinize the phases of this analysis.

Group # Students Project Title
1 Jacob Bell
Phillip Brown
Trey Mulligan
It's Just A Phase
2 Matthew Boothe
Kaley Edelen
Michael Grace
Integrating Louisville
3 Caleb Fox
Keith McKnight
Michael Varcoe
Calculus Is Egg-static!
4 Kasey Burge
Mallory Durham
Stefanie Villajuan
Billiards Breakdown
5 Chelsae Adams
Shaunda Mitchell
Tho Nguyen-Tran
The Adventure Of The Hulk
6 David Cooper
Suraj Kannan
Aaron Morris
Benjamin Hochstrasser
Eyeballing X-Rays
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