English 306: Business Writing

Shyam Sharma

Digital Assignment Description

People in the business world must know how to communicate their ideas effectively with multimedia. These media need to incorporate a sense of purpose, relevance, and cohesion with the message. Thus, students in this Business Writing/Communication course bring together a rigorous critical thinking framework and training in the development and use of multimedia in oral presentation. Their presentations are slide materials developed for oral presentation of "Spring Break Travel Package" that are in the form of marketing pitches.

Promotional Pitch of a Business Project

Sydney Loy, Matt McCroskey, Benjamin Smith, Alexander Smith, Joseph Coleman, Joshua Conner, Nathan Dula, Kevin Bandy, Angel Ethridge, Christopher Fearnow, Ryan Hardin, Grace Ensign, Brittany Harned, Theo Rowlett, Eric Steltenpohl, Catherine Carrico, Brooke Cheripko, Matt Thompson, Shane Yeakle, Osiah Graham,Martina Monico

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