2022 LGBTQ+ and Cancer CARE ECHO Invitation


Invitation to Primary Care Teams  

The American Cancer Society (ACS) will develop an ECHO series to address the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ population along the cancer continuum, increasing primary care clinics competency in caring for the LGBTQ+ community. This includes risk reduction (tobacco control), prevention and early detection (breast, cervical, colorectal, lung cancer screening, and HPV vaccination for cancer prevention), and post-treatment survivorship care.

The University of Louisville invites interested individuals and teams to commit to the following:

  • Building a small multidisciplinary ECHO team. The suggested team may consist of a physician, nurse practitioner, medical assistant, front desk staff, office manager (anyone who has patient facing roles in your clinic is welcome and encouraged to join).
  • Have at least one team member join each monthly ECHO (each session is one hour) 
  • Delivering one case presentation over the course of the ECHO Series (6 months)

2022 Monthly ECHO Sessions (each session is one hour)
  • May 20 – Session “zero” – Orientation  During this session we will welcome you to the project, review the mechanics of an ECHO, share resources that your team can use to compliment the ECHO curriculum and spend time learning about the unique disparities to the LGBTQ+ population when it comes to cancer risk reduction, early detection and screening.
  • June 24 – Session one – Communication and sensitivity in working with the LGBTQ+ population
  • July 22 – Session two – Shared Decision Making
  • August 26 - Session three- HPV Vaccination
  • September 23- Session four – Cervical Cancer Screening
  • October 28 – Session five – Breast and Chest Cancer Screening
  • December 2 – Session six - Colon Cancer Screening

Project ECHO Disclosures 

  • The ECHO series takes place on the Zoom platform 
  • The Zoom privacy policy is available at zoom.us/privacy 
  • Each ECHO session will be recorded and may be posted to a publicly facing website 
  • Do not share personal information of any patient or study participant 



Value to Participating in the LGBTQ+ ECHO Pilot Project

  • Access to national experts to drive real-time solutions at your clinic, system, and patient levels
  • Receive the latest knowledge related to providing welcoming, compassionate, and competent care for your LGBTQ+ patients
  • Network and connect with other primary care practices engaging in the ECHO
  • Save more lives and improve the overall quality of life of patients 
  • Convenient and free 


Interested? Fill out the following form and submit to Ellen Schroeder.

  • There is no limit to the number of individuals who can join from your health system.  
  • ONLY one form needs to be completed per each Spoke site/Primary Care practice 


Questions or For More Information:

Ellen Schroeder

Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships Manager



*SOGI – Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity