Department of History

Student Guide

The Department of History contributes to the collective understanding of the past through teaching, service, and the scholarly and public dissemination of original research.

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The department offers a BA with a concentration in Humanities and a BA with a concentration in Social Sciencesthat provide rigorous training for its undergraduate majors and minors. Graduates will be able to recognize and interpret primary and secondary historical sources, write a cogent essay with a clear narrative and a coherent thesis supported by evidence, and search for information. Graduates will have mastered a basic body of knowledge in the four fields required by the major program:

  • US History
  • European History
  • Asian, African, and Latin American history
  • Pre-modern world history

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The department also offers a Master of Arts program with thesis and examination options. Graduates of this program will have mastered the skills of an undergraduate major at a higher level. By concentrating in a primary field to a greater degree than undergraduates do, they will also develop a much greater knowledge of the history and historiography of that field. Thesis option graduates will possess advanced research and writing skills. Also, a public history certificate and master's track program are available for students.

The department's accelerated BA/MA program allows history majors to apply some of their undergraduate credit hours towards a Master's degree. History majors who are considering pursuing an MA in history can accelerate the process by applying some of their undergraduate credit level courses toward both the undergraduate degree and towards an eventual Master's degree from UofL. The advantages are in time and money, saving students almost $800.

A degree in History has several applications which can prepare you for an array of careers:

  • Historian
  • Archivist
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Author
  • Post-secondary Teaching
  • National Park Ranger
  • Consultant
  • Tour Guide