Guidelines for Internships

Students who take HIST 608 (Internships), a required course for students who take Public History as as a major field, need to follow these guidelines.

When taking HIST 608 (Internships), a required course for students who take Public History as as a major field, graduate students need to follow these guidelines. Also, please contact Dr. Tracy K'Meyer, who supervises all interns, before you begin an internship or sign up for the class.

1. At the start of the internship you and your site supervisor write a one-page description of your duties, including your projects. This allows Dr. K'Meyer to insure they are appropriate duties.

2. Half way through the work of the internship you will write a five-page report. This report should include what you have done so far, any problems you are having, as well as any changes to the duties or project plan. It should also include a proposal for the topic of your final paper (see below).

3. You should do about 225 hours of work, though for most people that's about 200 on the site and the other 25 are a cushion for doing the final paper.

4. The final paper is 20 pages. It can take two forms. It can be a traditional expository research paper based on research done for the internship (archival interns tend to do this one). Or it can be a public history problems and best practices piece. In this case you examine some problem facing the institution and research approaches to solving that problem, including ideas from the institution itself. One past student wrote on emergency response plans, another on how to attract an audience; another on fundraising. Either of these is expected to draw from secondary source reading in the topic. For those students doing summer internships but getting credit in the fall, this final paper is usually due on the Friday closest to September 30. This one is graded and is worth 50% of the grade.

5. Evaluation/reflection essay: 7 pages. This is an essay in which you discuss how your course work and your internship were related. How did course work help you with the internship?  How did the internship make you think differently about your course work?  It is due the same day as the big paper and it is worth 10% of the grade.

6. Supervisor evaluation: At the end of the work of the internship you will be evaluated by your site supervisor. This is 40% of your grade.