Recent notable placements of History M.A. students

Graduates of the History MA program utilize their skills in a wide array of careers, from museums to archives and historic sites and from the academy to the corporate world. Here's a sample of what our alumni are doing out in the world:

Name Graduation Placement
Br. Stanley Rother Wagner, OSB  2023 Assistant Archivist, Saint Meinrad Archabbey
Kevin Bradley  2023 Frazier History Museum
Olivia Beutel 2022 Adjunct instructor in History, University of Louisville
Sam Dunn  2021 Director, Jack Jouett Historic Site
Olivia Raymond  2020 Ph.D. Program in Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville
Joe Maraschiello  2020 History teacher, Circle High School, Montana
Hailey Brangers  2019 Special Collections Assistant, Filson Historical Society
Chris Herde  2019 Ph.D. Program in History, University of Wisconsin
Emma Bryan-Lok  2019 Community Engagement Specialist, Filson Historical Society
Mary K. Marlatt  2019 Archives Associate, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, UofL
Sara Bornemann  2018 Freelance copywriter
Daniel Michael  2017 Asst. curator, Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Hannah O'Daniel McCallon  2017 Digital archivist, Filson Historical Society
Joanna Federico 2017 Ph.D. Program in History, Rutgers University
Elle Rich Cortes  2017 Admissions coordinator, Kent School of Social Work, UofL
Sarah Dunn  2017 Ph.D. Program, Northwestern University
Erin Wotring 2017 Instructor, University of Louisville
Francisco Bonilla 2016 Ph.D. Program, Carnegie Mellon University
Eric Brumfield 2016 Teacher, St. Martha Catholic School
Carl Creason 2016 Ph.D. Program, Northwestern University
Wesley Cunningham 2016 Historian and archivist, Amec Foster Wheeler
Benjamin Gies 2016 Teacher, Oldham County Middle School
Matthew Holdzkom 2015 Collections Assistant, Indiana Historical Society
Tommy Skaggs 2015 Solidlight
Jon Manley 2014 Ph.D. Program, Indiana University Bloomington
Meredith Maple 2014 Education Learning Facilitator, Humana Corp.
Whitney Todd 2014 Museum Education Specialist, Kentucky Historical Society
Matthew Goldberg 2013 Media Library and Instructor, University of Louisville
Vanessa Lierley 2013 Teacher, Oldham County High School
William Lorrigan 2013 Teacher, Christian Academy Indiana
Todd Read 2013 Teacher, Our Lady of Providence High School
Elizabeth Todd 2013 Teacher, Brown High School
Allen Gwinn 2012 Lead Interpreter, Hermitage, Nashville, TN
Carl Pagles 2012 Law School, University of Louisville
Sarah Reddick 2012 Law School, University of Louisville
Lori Wilson 2012 Ph.D. program, University of Florida
James Hall 2011 Instructor, Ashland Community College and Kentucky Christian University
Michael Skaggs 2011 Ph.D. program, Notre Dame University
Stephanie Honchell 2010 Ph.D. program, Ohio State University
Stephanie Morrell 2010 Teacher, Franklin County High School
Lauren Banko 2009 Ph.D. program, School of Oriental and African Studies, London (Engl.)
Johnathon Free 2009 Ph.D. program, Duke University
Kelly Williams 2009 Frazier History Museum