Student Spotlight September 2023

    Victoria Magloire is a master's student studying Healthcare Ethics. She is anticipated to graduate in the spring of 2024. She received her BS in Biological Sciences from Oakwood University in 2014 and her MD from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2018. After earning her MD she completed a three-year pediatrics residency at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital. 


    Q: What brought you to the University of Louisville?

    A: I moved to Louisville to pursue a Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship through the University of Louisville at Norton Children's Hospital. As part of my fellowship, I had the opportunity to obtain a Master's degree, so I chose Health Care Ethics. 

    Q: What is your specific area of research?

    A: My clinical area of research relates to insurance discontinuity in pediatric patients within the peri-pandemic period. This particular project speaks to my larger areas of interest within ethics: pediatrics, advocacy, and equitable care. When kids have lapses in their medical insurance coverage or have never had health insurance, it limits their access to care. I am trying to further characterize the impacts of varying health insurance statuses in children before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Q: What made you go into this field of study?

    A: I chose Pediatric Emergency Medicine because I knew that I wanted to take care of kids. Furthermore, I like the organized chaos of the ED and never knowing what's coming through the door. 

    Q: How do you think this advanced degree will change your role in society?

    A: Having this degree will allow me to examine certain situations or policies through a more critical lens.

    Q: What are your long-term goals and aspirations?

    A: I hope to increase my involvement with advocacy by encouraging community stakeholders in order to further improve the lives of children in my community and beyond. I also want to regularly mentor those interested in pursuing medicine, especially those considered to be underrepresented minorities in medicine (URiM). 

    Q: What accomplishment, academic or otherwise, are you most proud of?

    A: I am proud of becoming a doctor and providing quality care to my patients.

    Q: What has been your favorite part of the graduate school experience at UofL?

    A: I have enjoyed meeting other students from varying backgrounds and having robust discussions. 

    Q: What do you feel is the greatest challenge that graduate students face and how have you dealt with this challenge?

    A: I think one of the greatest challenges that graduate students face is time management. I have been pretty busy juggling clinical shifts, fellowship responsibilities, graduate studies, and life/fun/family/friends. Making lists and being honest about what I can actually accomplish in a certain frame (which sometimes means saying "no") has helped me immensely. 

    Fun Facts

    A talent you have always wanted: To whistle...I just can't and it makes me sad!

    Favorite quote: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

    Role model: Michelle Obama

    Favorite thing to do or place to go in Louisville: Anything involving food or biking in the Parklands. 

    If you weren't in graduate school, what would you be doing now? Traveling the world!