Student Spotlight November 2019

    Beth Rosen

    Beth completed her Bachelors of Arts in Hearing and Speech Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently earning her Doctor of Audiology degree here at the University of Louisville. She is in the coursework stage of studies,with an anticipated graduation date of May 2021. 





    1. What brought you to the University of Louisville?

    When interviewing for the Audiology program at the University of Louisville, I fell in love with the clinical opportunities I would have available to me. It was unmatched by any other program I visited, and I instantly knew that I didn’t want to be anywhere else besides UofL.

    2. How would you describe your area of study/ specific research to your a friend/family member unfamiliar with your field?

    To someone unfamiliar with the field of audiology, I would describe it as the study of hearing and balance. As audiologists, we test and treat hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages.

    3. What made you go into this field of study?

    I fell in love with cochlear implants during undergrad and that truly started my passion for audiology. Since being at UofL and being immersed in the field, I have grown to love all aspects of Audiology, however, the passion for cochlear implants has only grown stronger!

    4. Awards and Publications:

    -Poster presentation at the American Academy of Audiology conference 2019 and Kentucky Academy of Audiology Conference 2019:  Does Attitude Change About Hearing Protection Evoke Behavior Change in Marching Band Members?

    - **first place poster award at the Kentucky Academy of Audiology

    -Graduate Teaching Assistant for 3 audiology classes

    - Attended Red Bird Mission Trip in Beverly, KY to provide audiological services for an under-served community

    5. What accomplishment, academic or otherwise, are you most proud of?

    For 2 years, I held the position of Hear Camp student coordinator. Hear Camp is a summer camp for children with hearing impairments, aimed to foster a community for these children. During my second year of holding this position, I expanded the camp to include audiologists in the entire Louisville-Metro area. By beginning this city-wide initiative, we had a 250% increase in camp participation!

    6. Quote from Dr. Jill Preminger: 

    "Beth is an outstanding student and colleague.  In addition to being a great student and clinician, she is an accomplished researcher, a valuable mentor to other students, and an enthusiastic volunteer with the Student Academy of Audiology."


    Fun Facts
    A talent you have always wanted: Singing
    Favorite book: Anything that is Harry Potter
    Favorite quote: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” –Albus Dumbledore
    Role Model: My older sister, Michelle.
    Favorite Vacation Destination: Italy
    If you weren’t in graduate school, what would you be doing now? Hanging out with as many dogs as possible.