Student Spotlight June 2023

    Bailey LaPaugh is a PhD student studying Audiology. She graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 2021 and is anticipated to graduate with her doctorate in 2025. 


    Q: What brought you to the University of Louisville?

    A: I chose the University of Louisville Graduate School to obtain my clinical doctorate degree because I was very impressed by how much clinical experience UofL provides to it's students. We start observing and seeing patients on the first day of graduate school. I also love the city. There are so many fun things to do!

    Q: What is you specific area of research, and why did you chose it?

    A: I am in Dr. Shae Morgan's Auditory Perception lab. He focuses his research mostly on emotion recognition in the deaf and hard-of-hearing population. This is really interesting to me because there isn't a lot of research being done in this area despite how important it is. Emotions form relationships and shape many of our day-to-day conversations. If people don't have the appropriate access to this information, their quality of life may not be as healthy as would like. I have a passion for helping others, so this area of research really resonates with me. 

    Q: How would you describe your specific area of research to your grandmother?

    A: Dr. Morgan and I created a clinical auditory emotion recognition test. There currently are no tests for this in a clinical setting. This means that for the first time, we can test people who may not perceive emotions as well as others due to various reasons (like hearing loss). Having this information can aid in treatment for those patients. 

    Q: Tell us about your family life.

    A: I have wonderful parents and an older sister. They have always been supportive of my goals and aspirations. I have two dogs at home (Hazel and Doodle) and two cats here in Louisville (Margot and Dutton) who all make life a little better.

    Fun Facts:

    A talent you have always wanted: I've always wanted to be good at art whether it be drawing, painting or photography.

    Favorite Book: The Family Plot by Megan Collins.

    Favorite Quote: I'm not sue who said this first, but "Get comfortable with the uncomfortable." I often struggle with new situation or the unknown, but it's always good to push yourself and become comfortable with new things.

    Role Model: I would have to say my sister. She has always been someone I have looked up to for her caring personality and how intelligent she is.

    Favorite thing to do or place to go in Louisville: I mostly like to go around the city and try new restaurants! Some of my favorites are Dragon Kings Daughter, Hillcrest Tavern, and Taco City. I also really enjoy Cherokee Park and all the places to walk around.

    If you weren't in graduate school, what would you be doing now? I think I would be pursuing a degree/job related to mathematics or computers. I've always enjoyed those subjects and they come easily to me.