Student Spotlight June 2015

    Hadi Miyanaji

    Hadi Miyanaji attended Tabriz University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical (Manufacturing) Engineering and Iran Science & Technology University where he earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He then started a PhD program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Industrial Engineering.  However, after learning that the University of Louisville is one of the pioneers in additive manufacturing and has one of the best rapid prototyping labs in the United States, Hadi transferred in the Spring of 2014.




    1. Specific areas of research (how you chose this research, why it interested you):

    Since my background is in traditional manufacturing, additive manufacturing has always interested me.  I am particularly interested in how the utilization of these methods enables us to fabricate complex parts in less time.  Currently, my research focuses on the 3D printing of different kinds of ceramics.

    2. How would you describe your area of study/ specific research to your grandmother?

    Sometime soon I will be able to print her dental crown at home in just few hours :).

    3. What made you go into this field of study?

    Based on my background, I know how frustrating, time consuming, and costly it would be to build a part with a very complex shape.  Additive manufacturing could ease the manufacturing process, and this is very interesting to me.  Although it is only in the preliminary stages and needs progress, this field remains very promising.

    4. How do you think this advanced degree will change your role in society?

    Generally I believe that the more knowledge somebody has, the more helpful they could be in society. So with this degree I believe I could be more helpful in my field.

    5. Long term goals/ aspirations:

    My long term goals are being a well-known scientist in my field and someday starting my own business related to my field.

    6. What accomplishment, academic or otherwise, are you most proud of?

    I am most proud of being a person who tries hard to achieve his goals and be a good person.

    7. What do you feel is the greatest challenge that graduate students face and how have you dealt with this challenge?

    As an international student, financial situations and job opportunities can be quite challenging. I have always tried to manage every situation and take effective control of them.

    8. Family life:

    My parents live back in Iran. However, I talk to them through skype almost every day. I am single and try to have fun with my friends.



    Fun Facts
    A talent you have always wanted: I cannot think of one; I believe everything is achievable by having the right plan and working hard.  
    Favorite book: Take Effective Control of Your Life by William Glasser
    Favorite quote: “Go to bed a little wiser than when you woke up.” -Charlie Munger
    Favorite Vacation Destination: Turkey, Italy, Germany, New York, Florida
    If you weren’t in graduate school, what would you be doing now? I think I would be a business man and doing my own business.


    Awards, honors, publications:
    * S. Zhang, H. Miyanaji, L. Yang, A.A. Zandinejad, J.J.S. Dilip, B. Stucker. An Experimental Study of Ceramic Dental Porcelain Materials Using A 3D Print (3DP) Process. International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, 2014
    *  Hadi Miyanaji, Li Yang, Shanshan Zhang, Amir Ali Zandinejad. A preliminary study of the graded dental porcelain ceramic structures fabricated via binder jetting 3D printing. International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, 2014
    * H. Bisadi, M. Mohamadi, H. Miyanaji, M. Abdoli. A Modification on ECAP Process by Incorporating Twist Channel. Springer, 2012
    * A. Keshavarz, H. Miyanaji, M. Farid, M. Seraj. Optimization of the PIM molding parameters using the sequential simplex algorithm and sensitivity analysis. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2013
    * H. Miyanaji, A. Keshavarz, R. Hajavi.  Producation of Ultra-Fine-Grained Aluminum Plates By Constrained Groove Pressing Technique. ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), 2013