Statement by CGS President Suzanne Ortega Regarding Recent Immigration Proposals

    Dear Colleagues:

    CGS released the following statement on June 21, 2018, regarding recent immigration proposals. It has been posted on the CGS website and shared via social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

    Washington, DC— Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) President Suzanne Ortega released the following statement on recent immigration proposals

    “Recent proposals stemming from Congress and the Administration have focused the nation’s attention on immigration issues impacting students and families. The Council of Graduate Schools remains steadfast in its support of policies that help ensure individuals are afforded opportunities to pursue their graduate studies here in the United States, including those with DACA status and those from the international student community.

    “As the House of Representatives continues to debate the future of DACA recipients who, at a young age, were brought to the U.S. and have grown to call it home, CGS implores Congress to yield a solution that will ensure they can continue to live, work, pursue higher education, and strengthen our nation’s economy.

    “CGS also remains supportive of policies that bolster the ability of U.S. higher education institutions to recruit and retain international talent. Immigration policies, including the visa process, should strive for greater efficiency without imposing additional barriers so that international graduate students and faculty can enroll, graduate, and apply their education in ways that increase our country’s global competitiveness.

    “We remain committed to working in a bipartisan manner and urge Congress to find solutions that support DACA recipients and the international graduate student community.”


    Suzanne T. Ortega