What is expected of me as a peer mentee?

To make peer mentoring relationships successful, it is useful to have clear expectations about what mentors and mentees will be expected to do. Below are some common things that effective mentors do for their mentees. Consider drafting a Peer Mentoring Contract for your department to ensure that mentors and mentees are clear about what is expected to of them and dedicated to fulfilling their role. For a sample Peer Mentoring Contract, see p. 3 of thePeer Mentoring Handbook.

  • Meet with your mentor at least once a month.
  • Respond to your mentor’s emails promptly.
  • View your mentor as your go-to person and bring your questions to the meetings.
  • Take the initiative to set up some meetings and recommend places to meet.
  • Share your own knowledge and experience with your mentor.
  • Suggest ideas for collaborative projects.