Spring 2018 DGS Meeting - March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM in MITC, Room 201

Graduate Student Council

2018 – 2019 Introduction of new President and membership (Lily Assgari, Outgoing GSC President and Kelsey Kaht, Incoming GSC President)

Did your student representative change?  Please be sure to submit a New Student Representative form to maintain communication between the GSC and your department.  also, consider adding a department contact to our mailing list.  Both can be addressed by filling out the form here:  http://louisville.edu/graduate/gsc/forms/new-gsc-representative-form

       Research Conference Update

Graduate Student Services

       Writing Center - Dissertation Retreat (Cassie Book) Dissertation Writing Retreat Flyer 2018

Admission and Academic Policies

New Director of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Management:  Shabeer Amirali  (Beth Boehm)

New Holistic Application and Letters of Recommendation  (Beth Boehm/Cheryl Schroader) 

Public Lectures (Beth Boehm) 

Successful Intelligence Successful Intelligence and Graduate Admissions

Whom Should We Admit to Our Graduate Programs in Psychological Science:  Theory and Data Regarding a New Approach to Graduate Admissions via the Assessment of Reasoning about Scientific Research and Teaching Successful Intelligence and Graduate Admissions

Theory and Data Regarding A New Approach to Graduate Admissions Via the Assessment of Reasoning about Scientific Research and Teaching Grawemeyer Talks

Graduate Catalog (Paul DeMarco) 

Background Checks (Paul DeMarco/Beth Boehm) 

Letters of Offer Template (Paul DeMarco) Letters of Offer Template with Terms of Agreement

Variances (Courtney Kerr/Beth Boehm) Approval Example, Denial Example

Application for Degree (Courtney Kerr)

SIGS Initiatives

ESL Closure (Beth Boehm) English 601_677

  1. GS 601 Oral Communication Course
  2. ENGL 677 Writing Course

Mentoring Panel (Beth Boehm) 2018 Womens Panel Flyer

Tuition Rate for Funded Student (Beth Boehm)

Strategic Planning Update (Michelle Rodems/Beth Boehm)

SIGS Activities, Events, and Opportunities

PLAN and Professional Development (Michelle Rodems)  PLAN Resources for Faculty

Three Minute Thesis (Michelle Rodems)

Student Spotlight (Michelle Rodems)

Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony (Courtney Kerr)


Dates to Remember (Courtney Kerr) Dates to Remember

Additional Handouts: