Spring DGS Meetings Agenda

    1. Admissions
      1. Admissions standards for degree status (Beth Boehm)
      2. International admissions (Conditional and Provisional, Follow-Up, and Transcript Issues) (Beth Boehm and Libby Leggett)
      3. Applicants for Non-Degree versus Post-Baccalaureate (Courtney Kerr and Libby Leggett) Permission to Enroll in 600 Level Course
      4. Admission and Registration Information Link (Courtney Kerr and Libby Leggett) Graduate Admissions Status Change Procedure; Negative Service Indicator Email Communication
      1. Funding Questions (Beth Boehm)
        1. Funding for students that are below full-time status
        2. International Funding
      2. Student Review Process Link (Beth Boehm and Cara McHugh)
        1. Evaluation Procedure
        2. Evaluation of all GTA’s
      3. Record Keeping Questions (Courtney Kerr)
        1. IESL Test Intensive English as a Second Language
        2. Title Page for Dissertations/Theses Title Page Thesis Dissertation
      4. Masters programs:  How to increase numbers, including Out-of-State Merit Awards,  Accelerated Programs, and Master’s Degree on the way to Ph.D. Degree Link (Beth Boehm) Out-of-State Tuition Waiver (PDF)
      5. Visitation Day Link and Spring GRE Workshop Link (Latonia Craig and Libby Leggett) Visitation Day Flyer; Spring Visitation Day 2015
      6. PLAN Graduate Student Professional Development Updates (Michelle Rodems) PLAN Report Year 5; Women in Alternative-Academic Careers
      7. Graduate Dean’s Reception (Michelle Rodems) Graduate Student Deans Reception Invitation
      8. Diversity Awards Recognition Ceremony (Latonia Craig)
      9. MAGS and Meet and Greet (Latonia Craig) Meet and Greet Flyer
      10. Dates to Remember (Cara McHugh and Courtney Kerr) Dates to Remember
        1. May Doctoral Hooding and Commencement Ceremony Link
        2. May Commencement Awards Link
        3. Diversity Scholarships and Assistantships Awards Link
        4. Doctoral Dissertation Completion Awards
      11. Dissertation Writing Retreat Link (Adam Robinson and Meghan Hancock) Dissertation Writing Retreat Flyer
      12. SIGS SACS Committees (Beth Boehm)