Fall 2017 DGS Meeting - September 28, 2017

    September 28, 2017 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM in CTR, Room 123

    Graduate Student Council

    2017 – 2018 (Lily Assgari, GSC President) GSC UBM FAQ (PDF)

    Admission and Academic Policies

    Libby Leggett Retirement (Beth Boehm)

    Application Fee Change (Libby Leggett)  Application Fee Change (PDF)

    GRE Search Service (Libby Leggett)  GRE Search Service (PDF)

    Recruitment Schedule (Libby Leggett)  SIGS Recruitment Schedule (PDF)

    Letters of Offering (Beth Boehm)  Award Letter Template (PDF)

    Accelerated Programs (Beth Boehm/Courtney Kerr/Cheryl Schroader)  Accelerated Programs (PDF)

    GS 799 Doctoral Exam Prep (Courtney Kerr/Beth Boehm) Doctoral Exam Prep_Forms_Dismissal Process (PDF)

    Dismissals (Courtney Kerr) 

    Academic Actions (Courtney Kerr)

    SIGS Initiatives

    ESL Closure (Beth Boehm)  English 601-677 Flyer (PDF)

    1. GS 601 Oral Communication Course
    2. ENGL 677 Writing Course

    GTA Evaluations (Beth Boehm)

    Funded Student Tuition Rate (Beth Boehm)

    Mentoring Survey (Beth Boehm)

    1. Laura Matravers

    Strategic Planning (Beth Boehm/Michelle Rodems) SIGS 2017 Strategic Planning Chart With Goals (PDF)

    Academic Analytics (Beth Boehm)

    Enrollment/New Graduate Programs (Beth Boehm)

    Dr. Boehm’s Five Year Review (Beth Boehm)

    GRE Workshop (Libby Leggett)  GRE Workshop (PDF)

    DGS Consultation (Libby Leggett) DGS Consultations (PDF)

    Recruitment and Retention DGS Brown Bag (Libby Leggett) Recruitment and Retention DGS Brown Bag (PDF)

    Graduate Visitation Day (Libby Leggett)  Graduate Visitation Day (PDF)

    SIGS Activities, Events, and Opportunities

    PLAN Overview (Michelle Rodems)    PLAN Overview DGS Fall 2017 (PDF)Fall 2017 The Three Minute Thesis Flyer (PDF)

    Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony (Courtney Kerr)


    Award Nominations (Jackie Fryer) Award Nominations (PDF)

    Dates to Remember (Courtney Kerr) Dates to Remember (PDF)