Employee Wellness Resources

Well-being Resources

It is important for us to be intentional about our health and well‑being. Overall well‑being isn’t just about our physical health. It’s also about our emotional, social and financial well‑being, and it’s something we think about, discuss and act upon year‑round. At the University of Louisville, we offer a variety of resources in each area that you can use to improve or maintain well‑being.

Diabetes Resources

Managing diabetes can be a challenge. But if you have a strong support system, make lifestyle changes and utilize resources available to you, managing diabetes is possible. This all-encompassing guide of diabetes resources and support is here to help you along your wellness journey. 

Movement Resources

Get moving and stay active with movement resources available to you on and off campus!

Challenges and Programs

Challenges are a fun way to connect with others, create a culture of well being and stay motivated on your wellness journey. 

HRtalks Wellness Recordings

Watch previous HRtalks wellness sessions here! 

Health Advocate Services

The Get Healthy Now, administered by Health Advocate, can help you take charge of your health and it’s a fun way to connect with others, create a culture of well-being and stay motivated.

Additional UofL Resources

Explore other resources available to you throughout campus!