Healthy Hydration



Congratulations to Taylor Smith, winner of the Healthy Hydration Challenge!

The Get Healthy Now Team wants to thank all those who participated in our first ever Healthy Hydration Challenge. We had close to 500 employees participate with an 81% challenge completion rate. Over 410,000 ounces of water were recorded with Taylor Smith, Systems Manager in ITS, recording the highest number of ounces in our challenge, coming in at 3,752. Congratulations, Taylor!



Great news! We are offering a new challenge which gives you the opportunity to earn 250 points towards your 2023 Get Healthy Now $40 monthly incentive (you must complete the challenge to earn your points). All you have to do is drink water! Water is essential to life as it is part of every cell, organ and fluid in our bodies.

Challenge Details

  • Only Get Healthy Now participants who utilize one of UofL’s medical plan are eligible for the challenge.
  • The challenge is a three-week challenge beginning June 6th and will end June 27th
  • The challenge requires participants to drink at least 32 ounces of water per day. You must track your daily intake in your challenge portal on Health Advocate’s website (all participants can view the leaderboard). 
  • Take the Wellness Challenge Survey located in your June 27th email to earn 50 extra points towards your incentive. That means you can earn 300 total points towards your 2023 $40 GHN monthly incentive. Please note: The Get Healthy Now Team must assign the extra points earned to the employee who completes the survey, so the survey is not anonymous. Any participant who completes the survey will earn 50 extra points.
  • A week or so after the challenge, head back to Health Advocate’s website to confirm your points for the challenge were received!

 Steps to Register

  1. Log into your Health Advocate account at no later than June 6, 2022
  2. Go to the “Point Suggestions” tab at the top right of the page and click the “Healthy Hydration Challenge”
  3. Read the requirements and eligibility for the challenge
  4. Create your challenge profile
  5. Click "Join"
  6. Begin tracking your water via the Health Advocate homepage or Health Advocate app

Need registration steps with visuals? Review our Healthy Hydration Challenge Instructions with visuals.

NOTE: You will be receiving emails from Health Advocate throughout the challenge, so make sure to check your spam folder or your “Other” folder to ensure you are getting their emails! Before our Healthy Hydration Challenge, view helpful tips and resources on Health Advocate’s website. Have questions? Contact the Get Healthy Now Team at or Health Advocate at 1-866-799-2731 or