Cards Commit Program

Cards Commit Program

Want to continue working towards a healthier you in 2022? Register for our new Cards Commit Program beginning this fall. The Cards Commit Program is an eight-week program designed to help employees learn the importance of goal setting, how to stay motivated and on track to achieve their goals, overcome barriers and much more. GHN participants will earn 300 points towards their 2023 Get Healthy Now $40 monthly incentive for completing this program. Beginning 8/16, the cohort will meet each Tuesday from 11am-12pm on Microsoft teams.

See program outline below:

Program Start:  Tuesday, 8/16

Week 1:  How to Set an Achievable Goal

Week 2:  Motivation and Commitment

Week 3:  Overcoming Barriers

Week 4:  Nutrition and Diet

Week 5:  Physical Activity and Sleep

Week 6:  Getting Back on Track

Week 7:  Mental Health

Week 8:  Final Week- Results, Survey and Sticking with it

Program End:  Tuesday, 10/4


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* OPTIONAL: If you are interested in seeing results through biometric data, you can obtain this information from your Primary Care Physician.