Envirome Investigators and Laboratories

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute houses over a dozen scientific laboratories on the University of Louisville's Health Sciences Campus. Our research teams are dedicated to understanding how our natural, social, and personal environments lead to good health or increased disease risk.

Clinical Investigators

Rachel Keith

The Keith Lab investigates how human environmental exposure affects factors associated with blood vessels and impacts heart disease and diabetes.

Tim O'Toole

 The O'Toole Lab performs research that develops a mechanistic understanding of pollution-induced cardiovascular pathology.

Sanjay Srivastava

The Srivastava Lab evaluates the effects of environmental chemicals on diabetes and heart disease in order to identify potential mitigation strategies.

Ted Smith

The Smith lab performs deep phenotyping including digital biomarkers to investigate the impact of urban environments and space exploration on human health and practices research translation around Environmental Medicine, individual risk and treatment, and population and Public Health.

Exposure Investigators

Shahid Baba

The Baba Lab investigates the factors that contribute to cardiac and skeletal muscle function and metabolism.

Alex Carll

The Carll Lab investigates how environmental stressors affect cardiac function and regulation, and identifies factors that alter susceptibility to these stressors, to guide risk estimates and regulatory policies.

Daniel Conklin

The Conklin Lab investigates how environmental and tobacco product-derived pollutants alter cardiovascular health and disease risk

Petra Haberzettl

The Haberzettl Lab investigates how exposure to air pollution induces vascular and cardiometabolic injury in healthy and susceptible individuals.

Jason Hellman

The Hellman Lab investigates how cellular mechanisms regulate inflammatory responses in order to understand and better manage chronic inflammatory diseases.

Bradford Hill

The Hill Lab investigates the metabolic underpinnings of cardiovascular health and disease.

Pawel Lorkiewicz

Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalytical Core provides investigators with technical expertise, education, mass-spectrometry based analytical services, and develops new analytical approaches.