Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute engages researchers and citizen scientists to learn how our natural, social, and personal environments impact health. We embrace a multidimensional New Vision of Health to explore and understand the relationships between the environment and human health.

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Universal Basic Neighborhood Project

The University of Louisville and Simmons College of Kentucky are partnering to investigate the relationship between the characteristics of a neighborhood and the health of its residents.

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Trager MicroForest Project

This project will examine the impact of a small, intensely planted urban forest on human health and well-being, biodiversity, air quality, and micro-climates. What we learn could inform the way we combat climate change by integrating nature into urban environments to create healthier cities.

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Environmental Science and Technology

Drs. Jin Chen and Zhengzhi Xie’s research made the cover story for Environmental Science and Technology. Their article describes a new method for analyzing exposures to chemicals, which will enhance our ability to study these exposures on an individual level.

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Wastewater-based Disease Surveillance for Public Health

Wastewater surveillance was a valuable component of the U.S. public health response in the nation’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is worthy of further development and continued investment, says a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

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Envirome Institute Researcher Serves the White House

The Envirome Institute’s Dr. Natasha DeJarnett has joined The White House Council on Environmental Quality for a one-year fellowship as deputy director for environmental justice data and evaluation.

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