Transcript Insert Policy

Any student that was involved in non-academic disciplinary action that warranted separation from the University or revocation of degree will have a transcript insert sent with their transcript. When a transcript is requested, a letter will be sent to the requesting institution asking that the requesting institution contact the University of Louisville Dean of Students Office for more information regarding the student’s conduct record.

A transcript insert will be sent with the student’s transcript for the following sanctions as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct:

  • EXPULSION, and/or

Transcript inserts will be sent for as long as the sanctions are in place.

If and when a requesting institution requests more information regarding the transcript insert, the Dean of Students Office will share with the requesting institution which sanction (interim suspension, suspension, expulsion, and/or revocation of degree) initiated the transcript insert. If the requesting institution wants more information regarding the cause for the sanction listed above, a release will need to be completed by the student.

Other non-academic disciplinary records or administrative records maintained by the Dean of Students Office are not reflected within a transcript insert; but are maintained in accordance with University policy.