2014 Harold Adams Award

The Harold Adams Award was presented to Professor Brenda Hart on April 17 during the Annual Student Awards program.  Nominators cited Brenda's over 40 years of being an advocate for students helping them manage their careers inside and outside the classroom.  They also praised her "commitment to all students throughout the years" "Whenever there is a need, the University community calls on Brenda for help. Brenda has tirelessly worked to  advance the goals of women and minorities ... ." since 1973.

Brenda Hart is Professor of Engineering Fundamentals and Director of Student Affairs at the University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering. Prior to her current position, she served as Director of Minority and Women in Engineering Programs also at the University of Louisville (UofL). Other experiences include having served as Assistant Director in the Office of Cooperative Education and Placement and as Director of Speed School’s Academic Advising Office.

Brenda also recently served as the university wide Student Grievance Officer working with students to ensure they were aware of their  rights and obligations under the University grievance procedures as listed in the Redbook.

Brenda holds a B.A. in French from Boston University and a Master’s in Student Personnel Services and College Counseling from UofL.

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The Harold Adams Award, sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, is a memorial tribute to Harold “Butch” Adams, 1963 UofL graduate, Assistant VP for Student Life 1977. Created in 1989 along with the endowed Harold Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund, through generous contributions from family, friends and colleagues to remember Harold’s devotion to students, it serves as a tribute to his enrichment of the lives of people around him, his nurturing nature to students, and his great care and concern for every phase of students’ educational experience. Harold’s attitude, sense of unselfishness and constant concern for the enrichment of student life will always be remembered. The Harold Adams Award is awarded to the individual who best meets the qualities and spirit always demonstrated by Harold Adams.