PNG Appeal Form

Persona Non Grata (PNG) is defined as a person who is not welcome at the University of Louisville. Specifically this restriction extends to all buildings, facilities and grounds of the University of Louisville campuses; and any University-sponsored activities or events, both on and off campus. The Persona Non Grata list is a list comprised of individuals who are not allowed on any University of Louisville property or at any University-sponsored events (on and off campus) due to their involvement in incidents that have previously occurred. The incidents can include, but are not limited to the following: criminal charges, violation of restraining orders, stalking, violation of university policies and failure to comply with the direction of a University official acting in the performance of their duties. If individuals on the list are found on University premises or at University-sponsored events (on or off campus), the University Police will be called and the person who is PNG may be cited or arrested for criminal trespass. There is an appeal process in which the online form and supporting documentation must be completed. The Student Care Team will review and make a recommendation regarding the appeal to the Dean of Students, or their designee, for final action.

Appellants may be asked to complete a telephone interview with a Dean of Students Office staff member in conjunction to answering the questions below. If your PNG status is appealed and you are returning to the University for academic pursuits, you may be required to meet with a staff member in the Dean of Students Office.

Supporting Documents May Be Submitted Below
If your appeal is denied, you may appeal again one calendar year from the date of the last appeal you submitted.