Diversity Reports

diversity reports

The 2021 Climate Survey was administered in spring semester to all faculty, staff and students.  The executive summary is provided below.  It is important to note that an action plan is being developed by the Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality’s (CODRE) Campus Environment Team (CET), and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the fall 2021 semester.  The data in this report reflect attitudes and opinions expressed in the midst of a global pandemic and subsequent shifts in our campus community operations and challenging social justice issues that have been brought to the forefront of our society.  We appreciate these responses which will serve to support our work to become a great place to work, learn and invest. 

-Faye Jones, Senior Associate Vice President for Diversity and Equity (Interim)

-Bob Goldstein, Vice Provost for IR, Effectiveness and Analytics

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Campus Climate and Diversity Focus Group Form I Campus Climate Action Plan Feedback Form

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