Service Request Form

Students who have been working with the Disability Resource Center should complete their Service Request Form as soon as possible after registering for their classes each semester.  Follow the directions below to complete your Service Request Form online.

Note: Only students who have provided documentation and met with their coordinator for an intake appointment may submit the online service request form.  If you have not yet completed these steps, please contact us!

Service Requests are submitted through the DRC Online Portal.

  1. Go to the DRC Online Portal
  2. Click “Service Request Form”.
  3. Click the “Accommodations” tab.
  4. Log in using your account information. (If you are already logged in, it may send you back to the first screen at this point. Complete steps 2 and 3 again.)
  5. Choose the correct semester from the “Show term” drop down menu.
  6. Click the “Request” button next to one of your courses.
  7. If you need the same accommodations across multiple courses, check the boxes next to each course to submit the form for multiple classes at once. If accommodation needs vary from class to class, check one course at a time to submit the form separately for each course.
  8. Each of your accommodations will be listed with checkboxes next to each. Check the accommodations you need and uncheck any accommodations that aren’t needed.
  9. Confirm that your accommodations are accurate or let us know if some other accommodation is needed.
  10. Agree to the privacy policy.
  11. Click “Submit”.

Your coordinator will be notified that you have requested accommodations, and will review your request. You will be notified by email once your request has been approved by your coordinator, and will be able to download your letters at that time.

Prefer to complete the paper form? Get a copy of the Service Request Form [Word] here..

Our how-to guide on using the DRC Online Portal provides instructions with screenshots for those who would like additional direction on using the portal. If you have trouble using the portal, please see our Portal Troubleshooting page for solutions to common issues.

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