Service Opportunity

Are you looking for service hours or an opportunity to volunteer?
Become a volunteer note taker!

Program Description

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is recruiting student volunteers to participate in our volunteer note taking program. Students may earn service hours by sharing their notes with students with disabilities that are in their classes. By partnering with other departments, groups, and organizations on campus that promote experiential learning and/or require service hours, we hope to attract students who are actively looking for the experiences we have to offer.

Become A Note Taker

In order to become a note taker, students must complete the following steps:

  • Express your interest in being a note taker. Do this by:
    • Submitting your class schedule in advance (only for the courses for which you are willing to take notes),
    • Responding to an email from the Note Taker Coordinator, or
    • Responding to an in-class announcement.
  • Read the Note Taker Handbook Adobe PDF
  • Complete the Note Taker Training External link
    • When beginning the training, you will be asked to enter a "user identifier"; please enter your ULink username as this identifier.
    • If you answer fewer questions correctly on the quiz than is required, you must have a brief training session with the Note Taker Coordinator to be eligible to participate.

Service Hour Breakdown

Students participating in the program may receive a certificate noting specific involvement and hours earned. Volunteers may receive 5 additional service hours for completing the online note taker training. To receive hours for in-class note taking, the volunteer must be enrolled in the same course and section as a student with a disability who is requesting accommodations. Volunteers can receive 5 services hours per class credit.

5 Service Hours for Training
+ ENGL 101 at 3 credit hours x 5 hours per course credit
+ HIST 101 at 3 credit hours x 5 hours per course credit
= 35 Service Hours


Contact Note Taker Coordinator at the Disability Resource Center by email at:, or by phone at: (502) 852-1779.

Need Adobe Reader to read the PDF linked on this page? Download Adobe Reader.


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