Disability Advocacy Program

The Disability Advocacy Program promotes understanding and awareness about disabilities on our campus. We hope that with greater awareness we can create a more inclusive environment for persons with disabilities at the University of Louisville. There are multiple ways to engage for various members of the University of Louisville community, so help us to recognize disability and emphasize possibility!

Opportunities for All Students, Faculty, & Staff

Disability Advocacy 101 Online Training

This online training designed for students, faculty, and staff takes you through some of the basics of being an advocate for individuals with disabilities. Participants will learn about the Disability Resource Center, get an overview of the concept of disability, learn more about the experiences of individuals with disabilities, and be able to recognize and reduce barriers for individuals with disabilities on campus and in the community.

When beginning the training, you will be asked to enter a "user identifier"; please enter your ULink username as this identifier so that your completion of the training can be attributed to you.

Disability Advocacy 101 Online Training

Disability Advocacy 101 Group Training

Would your class, campus organization, or department like to learn more about the DRC and disability in general? Request a DRC representative to lead your group through an in-person version of our Disability Advocacy 101 training. Training can be customized to fit the needs of your group.  If the DRC is unable to attend at the time you would like to conduct your training or if you prefer the flexibility of conducting the training without scheduling a DRC representative to be present, the DRC can also provide you with a facilitator's guide for our Disability Advocacy 101 training.  This guide will allow you to facilitate our training independently by providing you with videos, discussion questions, and more.
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Disability Awareness Panel

Would your class, campus organization, or department like to learn more about disability through the perspective of current UofL students that utilize the Disability Resource Center? This is a great opportunity to foster empathy, learn more about how to advocate for people with disabilities, and hear about current UofL students' experiences on campus. Request a student panel to visit your group to discuss their experiences and answer audience questions.
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Opportunities for DRC Students

Culture of Accessibility Leadership Program

Student panels are a great way for students with disabilities to share their experiences with UofL faculty, students, and staff. Participating in panel discussions can help students develop their public speaking skills, increase their self-advocacy skills, and increase disability awareness on campus. Student panels typically consist of 3-4 students and are moderated by Disability Resource Center staff. If you are interested in becoming a student panel member or just learning more about the program, contact Brian Holahan.


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