Getting Started Checklist

This checklist provides a quick step-by-step explanation of how to connect with the Disability Resource Center for accommodations.  For a more in-depth explanation, see our Guidelines for Students with Disabilities.

  • Submit documentation that covers the points in our Documentation GuidelinesYou can submit this by email, mail, fax, or drop it off at our front desk. Our departmental contact information as well as the direct contact information for each of our coordinators can be found on our contact us page.  If you have concerns about being able to provide the documentation we need, please reach out so we can talk through your options and provide guidance.
  • Set an intake appointment. Contact your coordinator after turning in the documentation to set up a time for your intake appointment. This meeting generally occurs after you have registered for your classes, but preferably well before the semester begins. (If you need accommodations outside the classroom, such as housing accommodations, speaking with the DRC about your needs even before registering is recommended.) The coordinator will review the documentation prior to your appointment to determine if you are eligible for accommodations based on the information provided. If additional information is needed, the coordinator will let you know.
  • Come to the intake appointment prepared to…
    • Discuss how your disability impacts you and your accommodation needs.
    • Learn about the policies and procedures that you will need to follow in order to access your accommodations.
    • Learn about other resources that are available to you.
    • Review your class schedule and complete your first Service Request Form.
  • Meet with your professor(s) to discuss your accommodations. After your intake meeting, your coordinator will prepare any accommodation letters you will need for the semester. These letters list your accommodations for each of your courses. It is your responsibility to provide the letters to your professor(s) and discuss any logistics regarding how you will receive accommodations in each course.
  • Keep your coordinator updated. If your accommodation needs change at any point, contact your coordinator to set up a time to talk about this. If you have any problems working out logistics with your professors, let us know. You can request a meeting with your coordinator if needed to discuss your progress or needs. Just call or send an e-mail to make an appointment. Request accommodations each semester using the online Service Request Form to continue receiving accommodations in future semesters.


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