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 Serving health care professionals in 33 states

The University of Louisville Sterilizer Monitoring Program monitors all makes and models of dental and medical sterilizers including steam units such as autoclaves and cassette units, dry heat systems, and chemical vapor sterilizers (also known as Chemiclaves).

What's Included

The UofL Sterilizer Monitoring Program is available to any organization that requires weekly monitoring of sterilizer units including steam autoclaves, dry heat units, and chemical vapor (Chemiclaves). The program offers:

  • Weekly monitoring
  • Certificate of participation for monitoring sterilizer equipment
    • Steam Autoclaves
    • Dry Heat Units
    • Chemical Vapor (Chemiclaves) 
  • University-based, independent program
  • Cumulative written reports
  • Confidential telephone notification of non-sterile results
  • Utilizes FDA 510-K approved spore strips

Pricing for Weekly Sterilizer Monitoring

Price includes all weekly monitoring supplies:

  • One sterilizer - $195/yr. of service 
  • Each additional unit at same location - $165/yr. of service

Program History 

 The University of Louisville School of Dentistry Sterilizer Monitoring Program was established in 1988 by Dr. Robert Staat, Professor of Microbiology.

Dr. Staat retired in 2022 after 46 years at UofL and was granted Professor Emeritus status.

UofL School of Dentistry is committed to honoring Dr. Staat's contributions by not only continuing, but continuing to grow, the Sterilizer Monitoring Program. 


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