Infant Oral Health

  • A child’s first dental check-up should be by 12 -months of age.
  • Most children should have dental check-ups every 6 months.
  • Cavities can start as soon as the teeth come into the mouth. The teeth should be brushed with water and a soft toothbrush as soon as they start coming in.
  • The bacteria that causes cavities in a baby’s mouth come from mom, dad, babysitter, and/or siblings. Family members should practice very good oral hygiene and limit sharing food/drink to reduce the risk of cavities in the baby’s mouth.
  • Cavities in baby teeth need to be fixed, not observed. Cavities in baby teeth hurt just as badly as cavities in permanent teeth.
  • Studies have shown that elementary aged children with 2 or more large cavities have more episodic illnesses, more days out of school, and a lower grade point average than their classmates without cavities.