Parking & Directions

Patients and visitors, please use the entrance near 452 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd. View on map Preston Street doors are accessible for employees and students only.  

Visiting the School of Dentistry

Image of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry Patient Entrance North East Side

The School of Dentistry is located on the campus of the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center in downtown Louisville, which is part of the Louisville Medical Center complex.

Please reference the maps and links below to view information about our patient entrance, parking, and accessibility options:

If you have questions prior to your visit, or upon arriving, please call 502-852-5096 or stop by the main information desk located directly inside the visitor entrance.

We look forward to your visit!

Patient & Visitor Entrance (Drop-off/Pick-up Area) 

The entrance for patients and visitors is under the covered awning at the northeast corner of the building at 452 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd (click link to view on Google Maps). This location is marked with a star on the map below.

Drivers can access this area in two ways:

  • From E. Muhammad Ali Blvd. - Turn left into the School of Dentistry drop-off/pick-up area (about halfway between Jackson Street and Preston Street)
  • From S. Preston Street - Turn left just before the Novak Center for Children's Health building (about halfway between Muhammad Ali Blvd and Chestnut street and follow the driveway around the building until you reach the pickup/drop-off area  

School of Dentistry patient and visitor entrance marked with star on northeast corner of building at approximately 452 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd

Garage Parking and Shuttle

Patient and visitor pay parking is located inside the UofL Health Care Outpatient Center parking structure located at 414 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202 (click link to view on Google Maps). Detailed directions to this garage are below.

Following your appointment, please check with a patient service representative at the School of Dentistry front desk for a voucher that allows for $2 off the garage-parking fee. The voucher is valid at the Chestnut Street Garage only.  NOT VALID AT UofL Hospital Garage.

To serve visitors to the School of Dentistry, the UofL HSC campus shuttle makes stops at the School of Dentistry patient and visitor entrance and at the Chestnut Street parking garage (shuttle stop is on the left as you exit the first floor of the garage). The shuttle route and stops are shown in red on the map below. The UofL shuttle is free. It runs approximately every 15 minutes. 

  Map showing UofL Health Sciences Center Campus. Map shows garage location at 414 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202. Map also shows shuttle route, with stops marked near the garage entrance/exit and School of Dentistry patient and visitor entrance.

Metered Parking

Parking meters (short term) are located all around the School of Dentistry. Limited metered parking spaces are located on both Muhammad Ali and Preston Streets. Meters around the School of Dentistry are IPS meters and will accept credit cards. Please ensure that you have adequate time on the meter to avoid receiving a ticket. Use of parking meters is not recommended for long visits to the school. Click here to see the city's current meter policies and rates.

Disability Parking

Limited parking is available near the School of Dentistry visitor entryway for guests with disabilities. Please be sure to have a decal on display, as you can be fined $200 if one is not present.

If you are in need of wheel chair assistance, or other special accommodations, please call 502-852-5096 prior to your appointment.

Driving Directions

For specific driving directions enter the locations below in your favorite online mobile app, or see generalized directions below.

University of Louisville School of Dentistry
For patient, 15 minute drop-off, enter from 452 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd.and turn left or enter from Preston Street just before the Novak Center for Children's Health and turn left into the School of Dentistry .

Chestnut Street Parking Garage (Health Care Outpatient Center)
414 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202

 From the South:

1. Take I-65 North to Exit 136A, Broadway/Chestnut Street. This ramp exits onto Brook Street.
2. Continue north on Brook Street for two blocks.
3. Turn right on East Chestnut Street.
4. Continue two blocks, parking garage is on the right (414 E Chestnut St).

From the North:
1. Take I-65 South to Exit 136C, Jefferson Street Downtown.
2. Stay in the far left lane of the ramp for Brook Street.
3. Proceed to the second traffic light to East Market and turn right.
4. Go two blocks to South Preston Street and turn right.
5. Continue four blocks south on South Preston Street to reach East Chestnut Street.
6. Turn left on East Chestnut Street, parking garage is on the right (414 E Chestnut St).

From the East or West:
1. Take I-64 or I-71 to I-65 South.
2. Follow the directions above.