An endowment is an investment in the future of the School of Dentistry. When you make a donation through an endowment, your generous support ensures we have to ability to address immediate needs, as well as build the infrastructure for future leaders in the School of Dentistry.

Endowed funds are typically intended to be held in perpetuity (forever), with the investment earning from those funds made available (at least in part) to spend in support of the purpose of the endowment. An endowed fund may or may not have a stated purpose at your request. The fund may be created through the donation of cash, marketable securities or other liquid assets.

An example of how it works:

Longtime University of Louisville supporters Charlie and Susan have two goals. First, they want to make sure UofL continues to receive support after they are gone. Second, they want to create a lasting legacy for Charlie’s parents.

Charlie and Susan make a $25,000 donation to UofL, which we invest, and each year a portion of the income from the invested money will be used to support our mission in honor of Charlie’s parents. Plus, Charlie and Susan qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction on their taxes.

Want to talk about creating an endowment?

Contact Stephen Fairley, Senior Director of Development at 502-852-1241 or stephen.fairley@louisville.edu.