Advantages of the i-CAT™

The i-CAT™ cone beam CT provides unprecedented imaging of the maxillofacial area with less radiation than traditional fan beam computed tomography systems.  Specific advantages include:

  • "Open" format — The patient is stabilized using a chin rest and the x-ray unit and detector rotate around the patient’s head providing plenty of room without feeling claustrophobic.
  • Rapid Scanning — The rotational scan takes no more than 20 seconds! The entire procedure, less than 5 minutes.
  • Comfortable positioning — Positioning is more convenient with the patient seated rather than lying down.
  • Detail — The maximum image resolution (0.25mm) provides exceptional bony detail.
  • Low dose — The i-CAT™ utilizes the same type of low energy dental x-ray source as in existing panoramic dental imaging systems, resulting in an effective exposure dose similar to that for a dental periapical full-mouth x-ray series or a combination of panoramic and bitewing radiographs.
  • Full 3D volumetric scan — Multiple images are generated in various planes enabling multi-dimensional assessment.
  • “Panoramic” images — Panoramic images can be generated and "customized" to fit the jaw of the individual patient. These images are very familiar to dentists however unlike radiographic film panoramic images, the i-CAT™ panoramic images are distortion free.