Dean's Authority and Responsibilities

The dean is the administrative and educational head of the School of Dentistry as specified in the Redbook. The dean serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees and reports to both the University Executive Vice President and Provost, and to the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs as appropriate.


The University’s Redbook (Article 3.2.2), gives the dean of the School of Dentistry the following authority:

“Deans shall be the educational and administrative heads of their units. They shall report to the Executive Vice President and University Provost, through whom they shall be responsible to the President for the administration of their units.”


The dean shall be responsible to:

  1. Recommend the appointment of other administrative officers of the School of Dentistry.
  2. Fill departmental officer vacancies as specified in the Redbook.
  3. In consultation with the chairs/directors of the concerned departments/divisions and appropriate committees as specified in the Redbook, recommend to the Executive Vice President and University Provost the appointment, tenure, promotion, retention, sabbatical leave, annual salary increase and retirement actions of any faculty members and administrative officers of the school.
  4. In consultation with the council, the Faculty Assembly, or independently as appropriate, appoint members to standing and ad hoc committees as needed for the proper operation of the school.
  5. Serve as chairperson of the council and preside over the Faculty Assembly during special meetings to recommend the granting of degrees and certificates.
  6. Represent the school at meetings of the university, professional associations, governmental agencies and other groups.
  7. Create an environment that facilitates research and scholarly activity.
  8. Develop and promote public service among members of the School of Dentistry community.
  9. Develop and administer the School of Dentistry’s budget.
  10. Promote the School of Dentistry through fund-raising and alumni activities.
  11. Recruit and retain the school's faculty and staff in response to programmatic needs and encourage their professional development.
  12. Delegate duties to appropriate individuals or groups whenever indicated.
  13. Assume other responsibilities and perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Trustees, the President, the Executive Vice President and University Provost, the Vice President for Health Affairs or other appropriate administrative officers of the University.

Office of the Dean

The dean may appoint vice, associate and assistant deans (as specified in the Redbook) for the proper functioning of the administration of the school. The people in these positions will be evaluated every five years as part of the University’s unit decanal review.