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Donor Spotlight: Dr. and Mrs. Robert McGuinn

2011 Alumni Fellow recipient, Robert McGuinn's history and what he thinks about supporting the ULSD

Dr. Robert McGuinn received his undergrad degree from Northern Arizona University in 1967. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, he earned his UofL DMD degree in 1974. After graduation, he served in the Navy Dental Corps, the closest he could get to his beloved Marines. When that duty ended, he entered private practice in Cummin, GA. The military was still in him so he joined the U.S. Army Reserves in which he served until he retired. That time included tours in both Iraq and Sarajevo.

Bob is a unique individual who contributes to the lives of those seeking futures as oral health care providers. He has provided dental care through service and learning programs in places such as U.N. Refugee camps in Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Haiti. While in the Army Reserves, he started the joint Army/Indian Reservation Dental Programs.

He is the recipient of the ADA's Overseas Volunteer Award and was honored with the ULSD's 2011 Alumni Fellow Award. McGuinn recognizes that access to care is not only an issue in rural areas and has helped to establish, support and participate in a program which provides no cost dental care for those in need in Athens and Greensboro, Georgia.

Bob and his wife Penny have always supported the ULSD, ranging from covering the cost of simulators in the Sim Clinic to endowing scholarships for students from the state of Georgia. They also fund an award for teaching excellence, support senior student travel to the Hinman Meeting in Atlanta and lead in obtaining funding for the ULSD's building renewal.

"More than ever, it's important that the University of Louisville School of Dentistry moves forward in the goal to become one of the best institutions in the nation. It is this unwavering dedication that builds a legacy for training outstanding clinicians and sustaining a holistic approach in selecting and educating individuals who are inspired and passionate to provide care to their fellow man. It is our responsibility to offer the finest education to individuals who will serve our populace and appreciate the global responsibilities of becoming a health care professional."

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