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2013-2014 Residents

University of Louisville GPR Residents

2013-2014 Residents:


Lauren Berry

Dr. Lauren Berry D.M.D, University of Louisville School of Dentistry



Daniel Campolieto

Dr. Daniel Campolieto D.D.S., West Virgina University School of Dentistry



 Casey Crowdis

Dr. Casey Crowdis D.M.D., University of Louisville School of Dentistry



 Victoria Lane

Dr. Victoria Lane D.M.D., University of Florida College of Dentistry



 Morgan Menard

Dr. Morgan Menard D.M.D., University of Kentucky College of Dentistry



 Harshil Patel

Dr. Harshil Patel D.D.S., Unversity of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston


GPR Residents 2013-14

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