University Integrity and Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the university's compliance programs

Employee Reporting Options

University of Louisville employees who have concerns of any kind stemming from unethical behavior to possible non-compliance with government or external agency regulations, university policies, and questionable practices can report them. You may speak with your supervisor or the university compliance official who has oversight authority for the policy or law. Visit the Compliance Directory for a list of university compliance officials. You may also report, using the Compliance Hotline.

Any suspected problems or complaints reported via the Compliance Hotline will be reviewed in accordance with current university policies and procedures, including those described in the University's "Code of Conduct."  All reports of compliance issues will be handled in confidence to the extent legal and practicable. Protection for employees who report non-compliance is available through the university's Duty to Report and Non-Retaliation Policy.

This service is not a substitute for, nor does it supersede, any existing reporting methods or protocols already in place at the University of Louisville for reporting suspected problems or complaints. Disputes with supervisors, such as disagreements regarding performance evaluations or merit increases are not considered compliance issues. This type of concern should be addressed through normal UofL channels. Begin with a conversation with your supervisor and, if that does not resolve the issue, contact Human Resources.