Institutional Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the University's Compliance Program

About Compliance at UofL

At UofL, many different departments are responsible for monitoring applicable laws so as to develop and maintain appropriate policies and communicate these policies and procedures to their constituents. Each of these departments operates as the institutional "subject matter expert" in laws and policies.

The University’s Institutional Compliance Office was created to serve as a resource and provides guidance to administration, faculty, and staff in helping the university be compliant with external laws, regulations, and other requirements. This is accomplished through providing assistance and advice to university departments with key compliance functions:

  • establishment of institutional-level policies and procedures
  • communication tools to aid in reporting compliance matters
  • investigating and responding to compliance reports
  • reviewing new or recently revised compliance requirements
  • conducting periodic compliance risk assessments
  • and other tools to help in reducing the university’s risks

Risks, such as financial, operational, strategic and reputation-related, can come from any number of sources. By creating a culture of compliance, the University, its students, employees and the entire UofL community will be better served.