September 2022 Member Grant Awards

Congratulations to the CIEHS members who had new grants activated/awarded in the month of September 2022!  Below is a list of the new awards.  We are so proud of all the hard work of our CIEHS members.  You truly are making UofL a nationally recognized premier metropolitan research University and promoting interdisciplinary collaborative research in our Center!

PI Name Other Investigator Long Title Sponsor Amount
McClain, Craig James Feng, Wenke;
Ghare, Smita S.;
Kirpich, Irina;
Kong, Maiying;
Palmer, Kenneth Edward
COVID Effects on Experimental Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease and the Impact of Novel Nutritional Interventions - Supplement NIH - National Institutes of Health $939,000.00
Wise, John Pierce Chromosome Instability Drives Metal-Induced Lung Cancer NIH - National Institutes of Health $358,563.00
Tse, William Tsun Yan Cai, Jun;
Cai, Lu;
Huang, Michael Angelo Cacdac;
High Grade Glioma (C3ONC-KPCRTF-HGG434) Targeting Pediatric High-Grade Glioma with Combination Anti-Metabolic and Cellular Therapies Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund $250,000.00
Total New Awards September 2022: $1,547,563.00