What is this?- Translation of Research Timeline

The Translation of Research timeline is used to show the stage of scientific progress and how close the research is to being actively used by people to improve health. The timeline begins with Bench Science, which involves experiments being performed in a controlled laboratory setting. Next the science moves on to the Animal Models, where science is conducted using animals, such as rats or mice, for safety reasons. Once the science is clear and well-supported, clinical trials can begin. Clinical trials refer to scientific experiments that involve human beings. Next on the timeline is community-engaged research. Community-engaged research refers to science that actively involves community members in the research process. Finally, the Citizen Science category refers to citizens finding a problem and reaching out to researchers in partnership to conduct science and answer questions. With Citizen Science, community members lead the direction of the science to answer research questions that impact their own communities.

Translation of Research that shows different stages of research on a timeline. The steps are: Bench Science, Animal Studies, Clinical Trials, Community-engaged Research and Citizen-led Science