400MR installation

In 2014, a new Varian 400 MHz NMR spectrometer was installed. See the process of installation below.

Week 1

The uncrated cyrostat awaiting its move to the second floor (left), and after successfully squeezing in and making it up on the building's small passenger elevator (whew!)

magnet on paletmagnet on jack

Installation of the legs (watch out for your toes, Ben!), and pumping down the empty cryostat for the weekend.

leg installationon legs

Week 2

Precooling the helium dewar within the magnet via liquid nitrogen, and being successfully energized on first try up to a field of 9.409 Tesla.

precoolingAt field

Week 3

A busy week, but only one photo. Console wiring, pneumatics and protune hookup complete. Field mapping and room temperature shims loaded. All set for test spectra!

400MR system