Cardinal Card Forms

Alumni ID Card - First, please complete the alumni ID form. Your information will then be sent to the Alumni Office. (Please allow 3-5 business days for your card request to be processed and sent to the Cardinal Card Office.) Questions? Contact Alumni Relations at 502-852-3369

Approval Letter -  Must submit an approval letter on UofL letterhead from the sponsoring unit, signed by the Dean or VP. .  This letter should be presented to the Cardinal Card staff when receiving a card.  If the affiliated individual will be assigned a sponsored account by the University (i.e. e-mail, Blackboard, etc.), please complete this letter after the account has been created.  An ID number will be assigned during the sponsored account process; this number must be included on the letter. Letters not printed on department letterhead will NOT be accepted.

Cardinal Card Agreement Form - Agreement webform that needs to be completed the day that the Cardinal card is to be issued or when the online photo is submitted.

Cardinal Cash Refund Request Form - Employees and students may request a refund of their Cardinal Cash balance upon separation from the university (graduation, withdrawal, termination, retirement, etc.). Refunds may only be requested for balances greater than $20.00. If the balance is $20.00 or less, you may spend the remaining balance at participating locations on-campus or off-campus.

Cardinal Printing Request Form - If you were charged for a print that did not occur due to the device having a paper jam. Or due to insufficient toner, a legible result was not produced. You can request a refund.

Department Copy Card Request Form - To print and copy on campus Departments may purchase a Department Copy Card at the Cardinal Card Office. These cards allow departments to add funds into an account that is restricted to printer and copier use.

Group Carding Request Form - Please notify the Cardinal Card Office if you have a group visiting to receive their cardinal cards. 

Meal Plan Waiver - Submit form and required documentation to be considered for a meal plan waiver.