Important University Policies, Procedures, and Regulations

University Policy and Procedure Library

Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs
Business Services
Human Resources
Information Technology

Budget & Financial Planning

Guidelines for Service Centers
Management of Endowment and Similar Funds
Supplemental Pay and X-Pays
Policy for Budget Entries and Revisions

Controller's Office

Accounts Receivable Guidelines
Account Reconciliation Guidelines
Cash and Cash Equivalents
De Minimis Gifts for Employees
Deposit Methods
Endowment Spending Policy
Travel, Entertainment and Expense Reimbursement Policy

University Integrity and Compliance

Code of Conduct
Fiscal Misconduct
Reporting and Investigation

University Libraries

Records Retention Procedures


Cost Sharing
Effort Reporting Alignment with Annual Workload Assignment
Research Infrastructure Funds - Centers (CRIF)
Research Infrastructure Funds - Departmental (DRIF)
Research Infrastructure Funds - Individual (RIF)
Federal Regulations
Research Handbook


Purchasing Policy
Purchase of Office Supplies
Moving Expense Policy
Disposal of Surplus Personal Property

    Procurement Card

    Alcohol/Entertainment Purchases
    Monthly Liasion Process
    Guidelines for Cardholders

      Conflict of Interest and Commitment

      Addressing Potential Individual Conflict of Interest
      Addressing Potential Institutional Conflict of Interest


      Property Accounting

        Human Resources

        Sexual Harrassment
        Discriminatory Harassment
        Shift Differential
        Additional and Supplemental Compensation Policy
        Time and Attendance Records

          Information Security

          Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
          Protection from Malicious Software
          Backup of Data
          Inventory and Tracking of Computer Devices
          Encryption of Data

            Information Technology

            Cellular Telephone Policies
            User Accounts and VoiceMail Disclosure Policy